Au Revoir

2015 for me, started of at an exciting note. Much of the credit goes to my first corporate stint. The place had so much to offer to a guy who had just stepped out of college and was witnessing his dream come true. January 2015 felt like a new breath of life, much like listening to a new song by M83. Hah, not everyone will get that. Nevertheless, with February came with a heart break and some lessons learnt. I understood that people don’t always mean what they say. Being an open book at times can be a vulnerability if its in the wrong context. March strolled in with a reality check of how I wish things should be and how things actually are. I will continue to have a love- hate relationship with march.

The big month followed , Ape-fucking-ril (also spelled as “April”), the birthday month.22 felt strange, it came with a sense of authority and accountability and sat right on my shoulders. The blistering heat of May reminded me to wait anxiously for the downpour of June.  June brought with it a lot of colleagues for me which I greatly love. July and August got swept underneath the rains, reading books in coffee shops I’d barely even heard of. September & October was spent missing people who had to leave. Funny thing about leaving, it might be the right thing to do but it never feels good. Strange, I figured. November brought with it a lot of anxiousness about the future and the things future had in store and then came the month everyone awaits. The month that calls for a celebration for making a round trip around the sun. December brought liberation. The visualization finally seems to be actualising. As Stephen Covey, says  “Begin with the end in mind”.

2015, you’ve been great. You’ve given me my fair share of ups and downs. You’ve taught me to learn from my mistakes. You’ve made me appreciate the early morning sunrise flights and the evening alm that sets in with the night. You’ve taught me to cope with the loss of a pet.  You’ve introduced me to a whole new bunch of people be it writers, psychology majors, mentors , haters , role models dreamers, idealists and you’ve made me connect to music on a whole new paradigm. You’ve taught me to flirt with life and to take things one at a time when they feel overwhelming. You’ve been harsh and you’ve been kind , moreover you’ve taught me that no matter what happens, life moves on. You’ve made me realise that you get to choose your choices but you never get to choose the consequences of those choices which was a a humungous thing to intake.  The bookshelf continues to grow and there’s no stopping it and all I hope is that 2016 comes with a silver lining. Like my favorite fictional character, Pat Peoples would say “Excelsior,my friend. Excelsior.”

Au Revoir

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