Gurnu -3rd Dec, 2015.

Gurnu, also known as Hakuna. This fur ball that rolled into our home with his unending meows. I vividly remember that April night, peeking out of my balcony and finding a kitten screaming for its life , anxiously looking for some acceptance and care towards my window. I must have been 19 back then; the first year of graduation had just begun and right between all of that mess came this guy. I remember the black colour on his tail fusing into the white patterns of fur and your stern mother running away in a cunning way by sticking you to me. Oh, If only I could thank her. Thank her for the best present of my life till date.

I distinctively remember the feeling of authority and responsibility that you brought onto my shoulders and all of that didn’t weigh on me as you stuck your pink little paws onto my skin or curled up and slept under my blanket next to my legs in the nights. I vaguely remember mom insisting me to let you out as I wouldn’t be able to take care of you and would ultimately lead to having a bucket full of fur all over the house. You know how moms are. You had one, a cunning little one.

You always had been a pricey little fucker, a true taurian in this case. Hah! I secretly adored the fact that you were a taurian cat in true sense. Processed food was never your game, you wanted the real deal. You loved fat hunks of marinated and fried fishes followed by a warm glass of milk. Less than 2 pieces and we aren’t talking, that was the deal right? A cat that wouldn’t settle for anything less, to be honest, who would? You were a foodie and a wanderer in true sense. Water had always been your arch enemy. You never took a bath yet your saliva game was on point, slick like a gentleman after a shower. I miss all of that. I miss you.

We knew you were old and things had gotten tough for you. What was even painful was to watch you cough and cry for every inch of life; it was heart breaking.  I remember telling to myself that morning as I left for office that you’d be brave enough to fight this off as the million times you’ve done it in the past and I was utterly devastated as mom called, crying, stating that you’d gone forever. I felt so hopeless, packed inside a train, amongst people, watching as things were falling apart in my heart and pretending to be normal at work.  I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I didn’t get to even see you one last time. So we had you buried in the garden opposite to your house underneath a row of trees where nobody would disturb you. Occasionally on Sunday’s, I come and have a chat with you; I know it might sound strange to have a one way conversation but somehow it makes me feel better. Things are different now; this is my first winter without you and I miss you on so many little occasions. I miss our weekend chats in the afternoons wherein you’d wag your tail to show how interested you were about the topic. I miss giving those belly rubs and combing your bad ass whiskers. I know; I’m in denial but if that’s how I get to be with you, denial doesn’t sound bad. Nevertheless, you are being missed.

I think that’s what gets us more emotional when it comes to animals rather than humans is that animals are so pure. They don’t have any ulterior motives, they don’t hold grudges, they don’t lie or cheat or misuse you; they just want to live their lives, just lay in the window in the warm sunlight. Or chew on their raggy old toy that they have had since forever, even though you buy them new ones, they always have THAT one. They are the first ones to greet you when you come home with a smile on their faces, even though you yelled at them to get out of your way that same morning. At night, they keep you warm and cosy. And when you’re in danger, they will throw themselves into it without a second’s thought. They aren’t greedy and they don’t dictate who does and who doesn’t deserve love. They just love us, unconditionally and they expect nothing in return. That’s why we love your pets so much, it’s because of their unselfish kindness and adoration. They don’t have money or belongings to give. All they have is their time. And when their time is up, it’s the best time that has ever been spent.

Gurnu -3rd Dec, 2015.

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